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“We are the eyes the Universe has created to look back and see itself. We are the instruments that translate and express this perfect, omnipresent technology...if we will only rise in trust to claim this.”


About Robert

If the practice of astrology could be considered an artistic or a technical endeavor, Robert Sabella is both the artist and the technician in every sense of the word. With a deep understanding of the metaphor and symbolism intrinsic to astrology, Robert works from a very heart-centered place that carries both wisdom and a strong and profound intuition. His is that rare and uniquely creative combination of love and vision that is at once healing.

Robert's work provides practical solutions and guidance that illuminates, empowers and resolves. Through his uniquely mystical approach, he brings the astrology to the life of the individual. Likewise, his work as an intuitive consultant – something he weaves into his astrological work – often and ultimately brings the client a sense of peace and understanding of what is…and what is possible.

Robert Sabella has been a professional astrologer, intuitive consultant and writer for the last 12 years. His work caters to a diverse and international clientele. He makes his home on the Earth.